More Restaurants in Malta than in Paris? Time to Debunk a Myth! How to Discern Reality from Distorted Data…

I recently came across an article (https://maltadaily.mt/there-are-more-restaurants-in-malta-than-paris-or-new-york/) claiming a surprising fact: “there are more restaurants in Malta than in Paris or New York”. Intrigued by this assertion, and being passionate about numbers and statistics, I decided to delve deeper into this matter, using official numbers. I compared Malta not only with Paris and New York but also with Rome and Valencia, creating a simple Excel table including cities, population, “restaurants” (interpreted as “places to eat,” following the logic of the article), and their ratio, measured in the last column with a multiplication factor of 1,000 to make it more “intuitive.”

Data Under the Microscope:

The Reality of the Numbers:
After careful analysis, the actual ranking turns out to be quite different from what was suggested: Paris emerges as the absolute winner, followed by Rome and Valencia. Malta holds the penultimate position, only ahead of New York.

Methodology and Considerations:
For the comparative, I relied on the most logical groupings, which made me mix nations and cities: Malta, although a nation, is more similar to a large city then an entire nation, due to its geographical conformation. Furthermore, in the referenced article, they compared the absolute number of restaurants (including kiosks and snack-bars) comparing population of Malta with that of “Paris,” but referring to the region “Île-de-France,” i.e., Paris, Seine-et-Marne, Yvelines, Essonne, Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne, and Val-d’Oise. This makes a huge difference: in Paris “city” there are 2 million people, while in Paris “Île-de-France” there are about 13 million… and if you’re simply counting how many restaurants there are, than it’s wrong. Consequently, the ratio was distorted, and the wrong place emerged as the winner. That’s why I have considered, for my numbers, “Paris city”, “Rome city”, “Valencia city”, “Malta” and “New York city”.

Then, of course, there are variables and considerations that are very difficult to quantify, but which render all this data (including that of the referenced article) absolutely useless: one must indeed consider that restaurants do not “serve” only the resident population (which, on the contrary, might be used to always eating at home), but also tourists. To make sense, one should understand how many restaurant “real users” there are, and use that number to make a ratio with the number of restaurants. For instance, an island in the middle of the sea with one inhabitant and one restaurant would become the absolute first in the ranking, with a ratio of 1:1. But if a cruise ship arrives every month with 1 million tourists, then everything changes in the reality, but not in the numbers. Everybody would have very hard time to find a table, despite the number of restaurants. So, this ranking, besides being incorrect in the starting article, and illogical in my example, makes no sense at all.

These types of comparisons, especially when based on distorted or manipulated data, seem to have the sole purpose of promoting a reality in a misleading way, rather than correctly informing the public.



Malta: The main link of this article Valencia: https://valencia-cityguide.com and https://www.europapress.es/comunitat-valenciana/noticia-establecimientos-restauracion-crecen-12-valencia-06-comunitat-2018-20190402142536.html#:~:text=Seg%C3%BAn%20el%20informe%2C%20la%20hosteler%C3%ADa,Castell%C3%B3n%2C%20que%20cuenta%20con%201.721.

New York: https://www.osc.state.ny.us/files/reports/osdc/pdf/nyc-restaurant-industry-final.pdf

Rome: Official “FIPE” data of Rome (https://www.fiperoma.com/)

Paris: https://www.fodors.com/world/europe/france/paris/experiences/news/photos/a-chefs-guide-to-eating-in-paris-france (reports 44,000, but I made an average between various sites)

Other Data: http://www.worldcitiescultureforum.com/data/number-of-restaurants

how to change Windows NTP Server to OVH NTP (for example, for OVH Public Cloud servers)

OVH lacks of documentation, especially for windows, and when you find something, it’s too old. So here it is… how to change Windows NTP Server to OVH NTP…

Open POWERSHELL, check current state:
w32tm /query /peers

Set the NTP Server to OVH one:
w32tm /config /syncfromflags:manual /manualpeerlist:”ntp0.ovh.net”

Restart the w32time Service:
restart-service w32time (instead of stop-service w32time ; start-service w32time)

Check current state again:
w32tm /query /peers

If it says “State: Active” then everything went fine!


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Can I change my email on ryanair website ? Straight answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Seems it’s waaay too complex for their technicians. Yes, they have a technology able to check for air reservations, and let you book a flight all over the world. And yes, you can easily change your name/surname, date of birth, password, and mobile number. But not the email: it’s just really really too much effort for them.

Hey, Ryainar, if you’re reading: if you want to hire me to add a “change” botton on your website, I’ll do it for free.

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L’articolo, sempre secondo il mio modesto parere, contiene una serie di inesattezze – l’autore, da me contattato, ha preferito non discutere le mie rettifiche ne’ tantomeno ha provveduto a sistemarle sul suo articolo, in quanto pare che per avere il lusso di poter proferire parola con tale Eminenza, sarebbe stato obbligatorio per lui che io fornissi anche il mio numero di cellulare privato (oltre al mio indirizzo email, nome e cognome che già aveva), cosa che ovviamente non ho voluto fare. Neanche fosse un funzionario di polizia… !

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