how to change Windows NTP Server to OVH NTP (for example, for OVH Public Cloud servers)

OVH lacks of documentation, especially for windows, and when you find something, it’s too old. So here it is… how to change Windows NTP Server to OVH NTP…

Open POWERSHELL, check current state:
w32tm /query /peers

Set the NTP Server to OVH one:
w32tm /config /syncfromflags:manual /manualpeerlist:”ntp0.ovh.net”

Restart the w32time Service:
restart-service w32time (instead of stop-service w32time ; start-service w32time)

Check current state again:
w32tm /query /peers

If it says “State: Active” then everything went fine!


How to change email on ryanair website ?

Can I change my email on ryanair website ? Straight answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Seems it’s waaay too complex for their technicians. Yes, they have a technology able to check for air reservations, and let you book a flight all over the world. And yes, you can easily change your name/surname, date of birth, password, and mobile number. But not the email: it’s just really really too much effort for them.

Hey, Ryainar, if you’re reading: if you want to hire me to add a “change” botton on your website, I’ll do it for free.

La vagabonda

Era lì, senza domandarsi quando fosse nata o chi fossero i suoi genitori.
Era lì a gironzolare, senza troppi pensieri.
Senza dover pensare agli affitti o ai mutui o alle tasse o al traffico del mattino…

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How to disable freemake notifications and auto updater

So, you had enough of that annoying update notifications multiple times a day, when you don’t use Freemake products (like the Video Downloader) so often ? Here is how to disable freemake updater and freemake notifications at the same time.

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Postmark vs Sendgrid

Very simple article. I am testing several transactional email services.
Among them, PostMark and Sendgrid.
Let’s go straight to the results without wasting any time…
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AjaxControlToolkit.Sanitizer class disappeared ?

So, you just updated your AjaxControlToolkit, and found out you don’t have anymore AjaxControlToolkit.Sanitizer class, right ? And there’s not even ONE single post on all the world talking about it, right ? Ok, you’ve come in the right place.

This is what happens when Microsoft starts behaving with *nux (il)logic, that is “fcb”: fuck backward compatibility !!! You wrote your code more than 2/3 years ago ? You’re old ! You should be banned ! Nothing should last so long !!!

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Gli errori sul sito di repubblica.it (ovvero come buttare al cesso la grammatica italiana)

Quando ero piccolo (anni ’80) mi ricordo benissimo mio padre che mi diceva sempre che i giornali erano la fonte “ufficiale” della lingua italiana. Se avevi un dubbio su come si scrivesse una parola, dovevi guardare lì: se era uscita sul giornale allora significava che quella parola esisteva, e si scriveva proprio così. Garantito. Al limone…

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Un tuffo nel passato da videogiocatore…

Se c’è una cosa che mi manca sono i giochi di quando ero più piccolo. Mi riferisco ai videogiochi, i “coin up”, quelli in cui mettevi la monetina, a cui io ho giocato dai 13 ai 25 anni circa (quindi dall’84 al ’99). Quello che sarà difficile da tramettere alle “nuove generazioni” è la sensazione che si provava a giocare a quei giochini malefici, quindi cercherò di fare una panoramica…

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Aprire una società all’estero e affidarsi a chiunque spunti fuori su google…

L’altro giorno sono incappato in questo articolo, di un tale “Massimo Tonci”, su cui esprimo personali dubbi in merito alla sua preparazione.


L’articolo, sempre secondo il mio modesto parere, contiene una serie di inesattezze – l’autore, da me contattato, ha preferito non discutere le mie rettifiche ne’ tantomeno ha provveduto a sistemarle sul suo articolo, in quanto pare che per avere il lusso di poter proferire parola con tale Eminenza, sarebbe stato obbligatorio per lui che io fornissi anche il mio numero di cellulare privato (oltre al mio indirizzo email, nome e cognome che già aveva), cosa che ovviamente non ho voluto fare. Neanche fosse un funzionario di polizia… !

Queste le inesattezze che ho riscontrato nel suo articolo:

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OVH Support and useless firewall against other internal servers

This post is about being able to jump the OVH Firewall simply using a server inside OVH itself.

Lessons learned in short:
1) OVH does not have any kind of internal network isolation, so every other OVH customer can contact your servers directly (!!!) by simply poiting your public IP. You’ll not find this small “detail” reported anywhere.

2) TO install and maintain a firewall on your operating system (windows or linux doesn’t care) it’s absolutely mandatory: never,  never, never rely exclusively on OVH firewall. Yes, it’s powerful enough to stop DDoS attacks, trigger mitigations and BGP reroute, but it’s totally transparent (maybe it’s not involved in the routing ?) when the attacking IP comes from inside OVH. So it’s useless even to stop a silly RDP “wannacry-like” attack spread from some other OVH customer.

3) The OVH support does not necessary know how the things work on their side. They might come up to you with a random answer. It’s up to you to find out how the things really work, despite what they tell you.

4) The “Abuse Team” is not able to STOP other servers from attacking you, expect, I guess, when the attack involves a huge network traffic that makes  a big and red button flash somewhere. At least I hope. What the Abuse team is able to do, for sure, is simply contact the IP reported in the “abuse form” to ask the offending IP to kindly “stop” any action, even WITHOUT VERIFYING if there’s really something wrong happening (!!!) between who reported the supposed abuse.

Here below you can find the complete history of the support tickets… from the beginning to the last one…

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