Postmark vs Sendgrid

Postmark vs Sendgrid

Very simple article. I am testing several transactional email services.
Among them, PostMark and Sendgrid.
Let’s go straight to the results without wasting any time…

This is the result from sending exactly the same email, with same subject, same from:, same content-type, same body both text and HTML.

By using PostMark:

Oh, nice I got a score of 9.9 out of 10 with PostMark !!

By using SendGrid:

Ouch ! 7.5 out of 10 ! And my email going straight into “spam” folder.
Seems SendGrid ip’s are blacklisted in 4 different services !! LashBack, SPAMCOP, SORBS last 28 days and SORBS last 48 hours !!!

And the winner is … PostMark !!!!!!

You can find updated results here (they will change over the time).


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