How to disable freemake notifications and auto updater

How to disable freemake notifications and auto updater

So, you had enough of that annoying update notifications multiple times a day, when you don’t use Freemake products (like the Video Downloader) so often ? Here is how to disable freemake updater and freemake notifications at the same time.

Ok, I had enough. During the last 4 days, I got something like 10 update notifications from Freemake Video Downloader (and other freemake products), and there’s no option to change this behaviour from the app (shame on them), so I decided to find a solution myself. I only want the app to check for new versions the few times I want to use it. I know I’ll have most probabily to wait 10 seconds to download the new super powered version before being able to use it, but… I can wait, and I guess you too.

So, here is how to proceed:

  1. click on Windows “Start” and type “Services”, then hit ENTER: you’ll see the services list of your computer.
  2. Search “Freemake Improver” in that list, right click on it, and select “STOP”

3. Wait for the process to be stopped, then right click again, select “properties”, then under “Startup Type” change it from “Automatic” to Manual

Rember to click “Ok” at the end.
4. Reboot your pc.

That’s all, folks !


  • JR | Apr 24,2021

    It still pops up even after doing this

  • Muzic Mann | May 15,2021

    My solution was simply to pay for a Lifetime Subscription to Freemake.

    • Luis Dragotto | Sep 29,2023

      Having a lifetime subscription doesn’t stops the software from getting the updates…

  • Neal Hicks | May 29,2021

    I’m semi-convinced there are no or very few actual updates. No other software releases a new version once or more times a day like that. Also, if you launch Freemake, you can click on Version history. There is none. IMO it’s just a way to deliver you daily to their product page in the hopes you’ll download more stuff (since at the end of “updating” it opens the Freemake page.)

    I like what Freemake does, but if you don’t update, it still works somehow. The daily “update” is just nagware as far as I’m concerned.

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